Buenos Aires, Argentina

About the Artist

Uji is one of the most unique and forward thinking electronic music producers coming out of South America, whose trance-inducing compositions fuse indigenous and natural soundscapes with the sound design and aesthetics of modern dance music.

Inspired by his nomadic upbringing throughout the Americas, for the past 17 years he has been digging deep into South American ancestral traditions as an ethnomusicologist and documentarian. He has been an electronic musician since the year 2000, most notably with his early work as half of the electronic folk pioneering duo Lulacruza (2005-2016). With his acclaimed solo debut album, Alborada (ZZK 2018), and Marimbas del Guapi EP (2020) with Colombian folklore legends Los Hermanos Torres, he further explores the evolution of folklore; ancient regional customs in dialogue with our modern times and rituals.

“This is music that's intellectual... providing the listener mysterious snapshots of the life through a nomad” - Bandcamp Daily

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