Microphone Setups

There are different types of microphones in the market, each one with different characteristics.

There are 4 types of microphones:
* Dynamic Microphones: Most durable and cheap option. Used mostly in live performances but great for studio as well. They work great for drum kits and guitar/bass cabs.

* Large Diaphram Condensor Microphones: Best option for studio recording microphone.  Condensor microphones use a capacitor to covert acoustic vibrations into an electrical current. They are much more sensitive than dynamic or ribbon microphones. They are the ideal for vocals because of their sensitivity.
* Small Diaphram Condensor Microphones: These “pencil” like microphones are very useful due to their great transient response. They are great for creating realistic stereo techniques as well as acoustic instruments. They often come in pairs for stereo recording.
* Ribbon Microphones: these microphones use an ultra-thin ribbon of electro-conductive material suspended between the poles to a magnet to generate their signal. They are very good when you need to tame excessive or hash high end (for example guitar amps).
Source: https://blog.landr.com/microphone-types/

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